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Your Comprehensive Privacy Risk Assessment Tool

Are you concerned about the privacy risks lurking within your datasets? Look no further! Privacy X-Ray is here to revolutionize the way you assess and mitigate privacy risks. This revolutionary cutting-edge tool leverages artificial intelligence to offer a dynamic risk visualization experience, helping you understand and manage data privacy like never before.

Key Features :

AI-Powered Risk Assessment:
Privacy X-Ray utilizes advanced AI algorithms to assess the privacy risk within your datasets. It assigns a risk score on a scale of 0 to 100, in accordance with Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).

Streamlined Compliance:
Designed with Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and privacy consultants in mind. PrivacyX-Ray streamlines the privacy risk assessment process, enabling the generation of auditable compliance reports within minutes.

Threat Visualization:
Gain insights into potential threats within your data. PrivacyX-Ray helps you understand the types of data present in your dataset, making it easier to identify sensitive information and potential vulnerabilities.

Attack Stimulation:
Perform attack simulations to understand how your data may be exploited. This tool empowers you to educate stakeholders on the nature of data being shared and provides automated mitigation and compliance recommendations.

Intelligent Data Scanning:
Privacy X-Ray intelligently scans your data and classifies attributes using AI techniques. You can also opt for a hybrid classification approach, giving you control over attribute classification.

PXAR Score:
Receive a comprehensive PXAR score ranging from 0 to 100, offering a unified assessment of the dataset's overall risk level.

PXAR Index:
Visualize the total sum of risk based on the types of columns in your dataset, providing a clear overview of potential vulnerabilities.

Attack Simulation:
Privacy X-Ray conducts singling out, inference, and outlier attack simulations, enabling proactive vulnerability identification and highlighting vulnerable areas. It also calculates a likelihood versus severity matrix for privacy risk.

Receive data-specific recommendations for mitigating privacy risks. These recommendations align with GDPR, DPDB, and global privacy frameworks like NIST and LINDDUN.

Country-Based Compliance:
Privacy X-Ray offers country-specific Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) recommendations and mitigation strategies, including GDPR, HIPAA, PDPB, DPDP, and CPRA compliance.

Cross-Border Compliance:
Ensure compliance across borders with Privacy X-Ray's cross-border compliance recommendations, making it easier to navigate complex international data privacy regulation

With Privacy X-Ray, you can take control of your data privacy assessment, streamline compliance efforts, and protect your sensitive information. Say goodbye to data privacy uncertainties and hello to comprehensive risk management. Try Privacy X-Ray today and make data privacy a priority. 

Data Anonymization and Privacy Protection Solution

EventHorizon is a cutting-edge data anonymization and privacy protection solution designed to empower organizations to safely and responsibly handle sensitive data. With its advanced features, Event Horizon ensures that personal and confidential information remains secure while allowing for seamless data sharing with third parties for analytics purposes.

Key Features :

PII Detection and Removal:
Event Horizon excels at identifying Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within your data and seamlessly removes it, safeguarding individuals' privacy.

Customizable Anonymization: Data Protection Officers (DPOs) have the flexibility to set the desired level of anonymization by specifying parameters such as 'k' size and 't' closeness, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Intelligent Data Anonymization: Event Horizon employs intelligent algorithms to anonymize data while preserving its utility. It identifies various data types, including quasi-identifiers and statistical data, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: Leveraging state-of-the-art Privacy-Enhancing Techniques, Event Horizon utilizes 'K-anonymity' and 'T-closeness' techniques to protect data privacy effectively.

Custom Noise Addition: The solution offers the capability to add customer-specific noise to date and datetime fields, further enhancing the security of sensitive temporal data.

Outlier Detection: Event Horizon provides custom outlier detection mechanisms for both text and numeric data, ensuring that abnormal data points are flagged for review, enhancing data integrity.

Mathematical Proof: Users benefit from a solid mathematical foundation for anonymization and differential privacy, providing confidence in the security of their data handling practices.

Visual Insights: The solution includes graphical representations of 'k' and 't' values, making it easy for users to understand and adjust their data anonymization parameters.

EventHorizon is your partner in achieving the delicate balance between data utility and privacy protection. Say goodbye to privacy concerns and confidently leverage data for insights and collaboration. Trust Event Horizon to keep your data secure and your organization compliant.

Cryptographic Pseudonymization & On-Demand Decryption

With CryptoSphere you can set the gold standard for data protection with its advanced cell-level encryption and decryption capabilities. This innovative solution offers versatile key generation strategies, leveraging both random number derivation and mnemonic-based derivation.

Key Features:

Robust Encryption and Authentication :
Experience Uncompromising Security CryptoSphere employs Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption coupled with Galois/Counter Mode (GCM)authentication, forming an impenetrable fortress for your data. This powerful combination guarantees the utmost data confidentiality and integrity, adhering to the most rigorous security standards.

Efficient Symmetric Key Cryptography :
CryptoSphere utilises symmetric key cryptography, a highly efficient method for securing your data. This approach ensures that data encryption and decryption processes are lightning-fast and require minimal computational resources.

Tailored Key Sizes :
CryptoSphere is adaptable to various key sizes, allowing you to tailor your encryption strategy to meet the specific security needs of your data. Choose the key size that suits your requirements, from standard to high-strength encryption.

Mnemonic-Based Key Generation:
Never fear losing your encryption keys again! CryptoSphere offers a feature that allows you to generate keys using mnemonics. If you ever lose your keys, you can effortlessly regenerate them.

Seamless Database Integration :
Integrating CryptoSphere into your existing infrastructure is seamless, thanks to our key store plugins for popular databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB. Effortlessly manage and secure your keys within your preferred database environment.

Attribute-Level Encryption and Decryption :
With CryptoSphere, you have the power to encrypt and decrypt data at the attribute level. This fine-grained control allows you to protect specific pieces of information within a larger dataset, security and privacy.

Advanced Attribute Merging and Decryption :
Take your data security a step further with CryptoSphere's unique feature that enables you to merge multiple attributes into one encrypted attribute. During decryption, you can effortlessly retrieve the original attributes, ensuring data integrity while simplifying data management.

In a world where data breaches and cyber threats are on the rise, CryptoSphere stands as your unwavering sentinel, guarding your information with the highest level of encryption and security. Trust in the CryptoSphere to keep your data safe, your keys secure, and your peace of mind intact. Discover the future of data security with CryptoSphere. Get started today and experience the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets.

Synthetic Data for Testing

DataTwin is your solution to privacy-conscious data handling and sharing across. In an age where data privacy is paramount, DataTwin empowers you to harness the full potential of your data without compromising sensitive information. With DataTwin, you can ensure that sensitive personal information is never used for testing and non-production systems. Instead, you can seamlessly generate artificial or synthetic data for the same, while preserving the security and privacy of your users.

Key Features :

Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Data: DataTwin excels at generating synthetic data from your input data, making it ideal for non-production scenarios where data privacy is a concern. It allows you to unlock the value of your data while preserving the users’ privacy.

Intelligent PII Handling: When PII is present, DataTwin explicitly identifies and handles it responsibly, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Data Graph Network: Creates a graph based network across multiple schemas/tables available in the dataset.

Maintains Entity Relationships: DataTwin is equipped to maintain primary-foreign key relationships within your data, preserving the integrity of your data structure.

Co-relationship and Co-occurrence: the graph network is an AI powered model which learns about the co-occurrences and establishes co-relationship between attributes such that one choice changes the behavior/pattern of the attributes.

Customizable Data Generation: Tailor the quantity of synthetic data samples generated to suit your specific needs, whether for development, testing, research, or collaboration across multiple domains like Automobile, HealthCare, Telecom, Financial.

Curated Rule Engine for Business Requirement: The user can define custom rules at each attribute level such as range of values for a statistical parameter. DataTwin prioritizes customer rules over self-learned properties.

Versatile Data Sources: Connect directly to multiple databases and seamlessly handle various file formats, offering unparalleled flexibility in data integration.

Auto Schema Learning: DataTwin intelligently learns the schema from your input data, simplifying the data generation process. It maintains the same schema on the output such that data can be integrated seamlessly to the source (like db instance).

Consistent Schema Mapping: The synthetic data generated by DataTwin adheres to the same schema as your input data, ensuring data consistency and compatibility.

AI-Powered Learning: Harness the power of artificial intelligence to learn the structure and context of your data, enabling accurate and context-aware synthetic data generation.

Gen AI-Based Techniques: DataTwin leverages cutting-edge Gen AI-based techniques for data generation, ensuring high-quality synthetic data that retains the essence of the original dataset.

Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing: DataTwin enables organizations to securely share synthetic data in non-production environments, guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of sensitive information for its intended use.

Data Augmentation for ML: The machine learning algorithms are data hungry. Data Twin generates an infinite scale, which can be augmented for analytical and training purposes.

Seamless Integration: The platform has programmer-friendly REST APIs which can be injected into the data flow pipeline. 

DataTwin empowers organizations to leverage data for development, testing, simulation, research, and collaboration while safeguarding the privacy and security of individuals' sensitive information. It's the ultimate tool for data-driven decision-making without compromising on data ethics and compliance. Unlock the potential of your data with DataTwin today.

Ensure user safety and model security with responsible AI practices.

PrivaGPT is a revolutionary solution Privacy Risk and Generation AI Governance specially tailored for Large Language Models (LLMs). With PrivaGPT, organizations can safeguard their data, navigate complex risks, and ensure responsible AI practices with ease.  

Key Features :

Risk Identification: Our solution identifies various types of risks and goes beyond just Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including health, safety, financial, confidential, code, time, and contextual information.

Unstructured Data Risk Identification
: It excels at identifying risks in unstructured text data, ensuring comprehensive data protection.

Contextual Risk Evaluation: It evaluates risks in the context of the data, providing a nuanced understanding of potential privacy issues.

Risk Analysis: Offers in-depth analysis of identified risks to help you make informed decisions regarding data handling.

Privacy Preserved Synthetic Prompt Engineering: It can generate synthetic prompts while preserving data privacy, allowing safe testing and analysis.

Reversal of Synthetic Prompts: Locally revert synthetic prompts to their original form for further examination, ensuring transparency and control.

LLM Governance & Risk Dashboard: Access a dashboard that provides a clear overview of identified risks, facilitating efficient risk management. Empower AI and privacy leaders with a dedicated dashboard to oversee and manage Large Language Models effectively. Seamlessly integrate our solution with both internal and external Large Language Models to streamline privacy and governance efforts.

Exportable Reports: Easily export reports detailing various risk flows and mitigation strategies for documentation and compliance purposes.

Integration: Seamlessly integrate our solution with both internal and external Large Language Models to streamline privacy and governance efforts.

Leave behind worries about data leakage to Large Language Models (LLMs) and seize complete control over your AI ecosystem. Invest in PrivaGPT to enhance your data security, optimize AI governance, and lead the charge for responsible, privacy-conscious AI practices. Your journey to privacy-conscious AI starts here.

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