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Combining the power of Privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) with innovative privacy engineering practices, we ensure that privacy is fundamental in every product and service we offer.

We uphold the highest standards of data protection with our privacy by design philosophy, powered by state-of-the-art privacy enhancing technologies and robust privacy engineering practices.

Enhanced Data Protection

With Privacy by Design, we ensure that our systems and services are designed to offer the highest level of data protection by default. Your privacy settings are preconfigured to give you the utmost control over your personal information.

Transparent Consent Mechanisms

Your consent is essential to us. We ensure that our consent mechanisms are transparent, easy to understand, and obtain your explicit approval before processing any of your personal data.

Minimal Data Collection

We believe in collecting and retaining only the necessary data to fulfill our services' intended purposes. Privacy by Design means we keep data minimization at the heart of our data handling practices, reducing risks associated with data exposure.

Purposeful Data Usage

Your data is processed only for specific and legitimate purposes, as per your consent. We adhere to strict purpose limitation principles to ensure that your data is never used in ways you haven't authorized.

Fortified Security Measures

Your data's security is a top priority. We implement robust security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or alterations.

Transparent Privacy Policies

We maintain clear and comprehensive privacy policies to keep you informed about how we handle your data. With Priva Sapien, you can trust that your data is in safe hands.

Privacy enhancing

Privacy enhancing technologies enhance privacy protecting PII and sensitive data of individuals and Enteprises in the rapidly changing digital landscape. These are a spectrum of technologies that help achieve privacy by design (PBD). Priva Sapiens offers the following comprehensive array of cutting-edge solutions tailored to the privacy era, ensuring the preservation of both individual and enterprise interests.


A platform of powerful privacy enhancing tools that help enterprises evaluate privacy risk, mitigate privacy risk and unlock the data for value creation across enterprise data ecosystem. The platform has Privacy X-Ray, Event Horizon, Data Twin, Crypto Sphere and Priva GPT.

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Privacy X-Ray

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Event Horizon

Intelligent Context Based Anonymization

Crypto Sphere

Cryptographic Pseudonymization & On-Demand Decryption

Data Twin

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